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  Wenzhou Jinpi Knitting Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a vibrant knitting machinery manufacturing as one of the company. Jin PI knitting machinery main tycoon card fullcomputer flat knitting machine, computer rib machine, computer collar machine, Z662B type hand driven flat knitting machine, jacquard machine, single-sided machine, Z4-35G type sleeve sleeve opening machine knitted garment machinery and equipment.Quality such as gold, Pixian technology! Study of gold Piren for more than ten years oftechnology, only to a hundred years of excellent service! The company has always been to "serve the society, achievements you and me, for the scientific development of knitting machinery struggle for life" as the enterprise mission, "strive to lead the brand in the world, is striving to be the knitting machinery industry leader" is the heritage of the enterprise vision. Wenzhou Jinpi Knitting Machinery Manufacturing Co., the company will be advanced equipment.,...

Such as the quality, Pixian technology! Study of gold Piren for more than ten years of technology, only to a hundred years of excellent service! The company has always been to "serve the society, achievements you and me, for the scientific development of knitting machinery struggle for life" as the enterprise mission, "strive to lead the brand in the world, is striving to be the knitting machinery industry leader" is the company's heritage enterprise vision. Wenzhou Jinpi Knitting Machinery Manufacturing Co., the company will be advanced equipment, scientific management, innovative design, exquisite production, best price and first-class services and your sincere cooperation.


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